The European Nature Trust

TENT supports and funds initiatives which preserve and restore wild habitats in Europe.

Our Focus

We are dedicated to the protection of Europe’s remaining wild places, and restoring those already lost.

To ensure our planet remains habitable, and that we can share it with other species, it is the urgent task of our generation to find innovative ways to both protect our remaining wildernesses, and also to actively repair the damage already done.


‘In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.’


In The Press

  • The Great Wood of Caledon once covered most of the Scottish Highlands. Just one per cent of it remains.

    Ben Fogle
    The Telegraph 

  • To see the last great wilderness of Europe destroyed is to impoverish all of us. It deprives us of something that tells us who we are.

    Jeremy Paxman
    Financial Times

  • With the return of the beaver, the success of the wildcat, a growing call for the return of the lynx, could it be time for the wolf’s return?

    Adam Weymouth
    BBC News Magazine