About Us

TENT supports and funds initiatives which preserve and restore wild habitats in Europe.

Our Focus

We create unique wild experiences and content to connect people with nature and raise funds for selected conservation organisations.

An Introduction

Large wilderness areas are one of our greatest natural assets on which we depend, providing clean air, guarding water sources and recycling soil.

The evidence is now clear that these wild places are even an integral necessity to humans in terms of mental health, stress alleviation and physical wellness, especially for children.

Yet, the population is disconnected from nature and suffers from a nature deficit. Therefore, as little as 5% of all global giving goes to environmental causes, because many people simply lack a connection with the wild.

And, of that, the significant majority focusses on ‘mainstream’ conservation in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Across the European continent there are wilderness areas of significant ecological and economic wealth that are of global importance.

Therefore: at TENT, we create unique wild experiences and content to connect people with nature, and raise funds for the leading conservation organisations.

Whether we take you to the wild or bring the wild to you, we make nature more accessible and keep it wild.


The European Nature Trust team is a compact and diverse group, with representatives from each of our core project areas as well as an international board.