About Us

TENT supports and funds initiatives which preserve and restore wild habitats in Europe.

Our Focus

TENT develops and partners with well-founded initiatives within Europe committed to improving the natural world.


The unique and often irreplaceable benefits of wilderness are becoming ever more apparent. Whilst Europe’s complex ecosystems can offer wonderful and beneficial opportunities for humanity, from cycling water to supplying oxygen, they are also the habitat for a multitude of wild species that need to be protected for all future generations. TENT has been created with the specific remit of supporting and funding initiatives designed to preserve and restore Europe’s wild places and the rich biodiversity that exists within them.



TENT also produces and supports the creation of original and inspiring content that helps people to value the natural world, and appreciate that they too can join in and become a part of the solution. From TV documentaries, to short videos, to online content, photography, events and courses, TENT is working hard to connect new audiences to the natural world in ways that can be truly transformative. TENT seeks to find and explore stories that will inspire both this generation and the next, while positioning the natural world as something accessible and ultimately saveable.



TENT is committed to using nature as both the inspiration and the classroom for those individuals of all ages that we are able to engage with. In Romania and in Scotland we are proud of the many innovative site-specific initiatives we have created to connect children and adults with the natural world. It is therefore our ambition to get more people to visit and better appreciate Europe’s wild places. We want to shift away from viewing nature as something ‘out there’ that needs protection and, instead, create invitations to experience the natural world.



We are always on the look out for new ideas, new projects and new people.

If you are involved with an initiative in Europe that could use our help – get in touch – check out our team below.

The European Nature Trust team is a compact and diverse group, with representatives from each of our core project areas as well as an international board.