About Us

TENT supports and funds initiatives which preserve and restore wild habitats in Europe.

Our Focus

TENT funds and partners with well-founded initiatives within Europe committed to improving the natural world.

An Introduction

The unique and often irreplaceable benefits of wilderness are becoming ever more apparent. Whilst complex ecosystems are the habitat for a multitude of wild species that must be protected for all future generations, they also offer many crucial opportunities for humanity, from cycling water to supplying oxygen. Promoting the coexistence of the human and natural worlds is a primary focus for TENT – an achievable vision.

Perhaps the most intangible benefit of wilderness is not a measure of biodiversity, or economic value, but the personal satisfaction that can be gained from immersion within it – TENT is thus also passionately committed to the promotion of ecotourism, communications and education – supporting life-changing experiences both for those directly dependent on natural or rural areas, and those in urban environments. If the state of the natural world depreciates still further for years to come, it will matter very little where exactly you live.

TENT has been created with the specific remit of supporting and funding initiatives designed to preserve and restore Europe’s wild places and the rich biodiversity that exists within them. It is only through the preservation of these areas in perpetuity that humanity can hope to thrive in the years to come.

From the ancient forests of Romania, to the wilds of Scotland and little known uplands of Northern Spain, TENT supports the work of world-leading partner organisations on-the-ground – standing back from the day-to-day management TENT maintains a continent-wide view, acting quickly to support diverse projects in the areas that need it most.

We seek out, develop and partner with impactful projects across Europe. Made possible by a philanthropic philosophy and with the protection, conservation and restoration of wilderness at the core, every initiative we support is connected by the thread of wildlands conservation.

The European Nature Trust team is a compact and diverse group, with representatives from each of our core project areas as well as an international board.