Team Profiles

The European Nature Trust team is a compact and diverse group, with representatives from each of our core project areas as well as an international board.


  • Paul Lister

    Trustee & Founder

    After twenty years in the furniture business and the sudden ill health of his mentor and father Noel, Paul had a change of consciousness about his life, purpose and legacy. In 2000, he established The European Nature Trust with a focus on environmental and educational projects in Scotland and Romania.  

    In 2003, he purchased Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, which is now the focus of a pioneering re-wilding and ecotourism initiative. Paul is also a trustee of Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

  • Toby Aykroyd


    With a background in economics, business management and political lobbying, Toby is the Coordinator of the Wild Europe initiative, trustee of Rewilding Britain, Vice Chairman of the Wilderness Foundation and Trustee of Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

    Other roles have included: Trustee and Chairman of the Funding Support Group for the BBC Wildlife Fund, which financed 87 conservation projects worldwide; Co-founder of the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative, under contract to the UK government. He worked initially with the United Nations Development Programme in Central America.

  • David Elton


    David is an experienced marketer in the hotel and travel business, having had over twenty-five years of experience within the industry working for Forte, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts. In 2000 launched which he developed to be the hotel and travel industry’s leading and largest rich content provider.

    David is now a Director of The Lime Wood Group and a founding partner of Home Grown Hotels which have since launched The Pig. With ties to Scotland and a passion for global conservation and rural regeneration, David became involved with TENT over five years ago.

  • Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia


    Dr. Joe Zammit-Lucia is an entrepreneur and a commentator on business and political issues writing regular columns in the UK, US, Germany and The Netherlands. He is a founder and Trustee of Radix, a London based think tank, and a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board at the College of Arts and Sciences, Florida International University.

    He was previously a Special Advisor to the Director General, International Union for Conservation of Nature. He is co-author of The Death of Liberal Democracy? (Radix, 2016).

  • Alexandru Ene


    Alexandru is a trustee of the Romanian Centre for Economic Policies. He has also worked for the World Bank, Bertelsmann Foundation, USAID and the European Commission amongst others, as well as acting as Counsellor to the Minister of Finance and an economic advisor to the Prime Minister of Romania.

    He has held several senior positions in different NGO organisations and has particular experience in NGO networking in Romania and within the entire Balkan area. He has Transylvanian heritage and has dedicated part of his life to its protection.


  • Sam Sutaria

    Operations Manager

    Sam manages TENT’s day-to-day operations and strategy. He is a biologist with particular interests in: European conservation strategy and animal behaviour, as well as documentary and photography.

  • Matt Mellen

    Digital Communications Manager

    Matt manages TENT’s digital communications. He has a background in environmental sciences and particular interests in climate change and biodiversity.