Conservation & Wildlife

Working alongside our primary partner, Foundation Conservation Carpathia, TENT is committed to the protection of habitat and wildlife within Romania.

Foundation Conservation Carpathia

FCC was founded in 2009 by 12 philanthropists and conservationists with the goal to stop illegal logging, and to protect a significant surface of Carpathian forests for future generations. The intention is to ultimately return all landholdings to the public domain for permanent protection in the form of a national park.




The Carpathian Mountains form some of the largest contiguous forests on the continent, and they are home to critical populations of large carnivores.

The European Nature Trust is working with Foundation Conservation Carpathia to help purchase a total of over 200,000 ha of forests and alpine meadows in the Romanian Carpathians, and to completely protect them as one of Europe’s foremost wilderness reserves. Such an area would be large enough to support significant numbers of large carnivores and to allow natural evolutionary processes to continue.


Dam in Romania



TENT will also support the FCC in its work to create a new, non-destructive economy around the Fagaras Mountains for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities. Once the project is completed, the Carpathia National Park should be an icon for conservation in Europe, and a national park which could be seen as the ‘Yellowstone of Europe’.




TENT assists the FCC in their work through directly funding initiatives; networking; helping to source sponsorship; and through fundraising events. Additionally TENT has been directly involved with other practical operations ranging from: producing communications materials, through to helping with a drive to take over management of the adjoining 200,000 hectare Fagaras Natura 2000 area.



TENT is just about to fund a feasibility study to assess the potential of a European bison reintroduction to the project area.


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