Tompkins Memorial Dinner

The Rumi Foundation hosts a special evening celebrating conservation leadership.

On the 16th of November 2016, The Rumi Foundation hosted a memorial event to remember, to reflect upon, and to celebrate too, the huge impact Doug Tompkins had on the world. The guests re-affirmed their commitment to continue the work that Doug and Kris Tompkins have inspired and this is the greatest legacy that Doug can have.

There can be no question that Doug Tompkins was one of the greatest conservationists of modern times.

Activism, education, and example have been the guiding principles of Doug’s work; and his Foundation for Deep Ecology and his Conservation Land Trust (through which he directed his philanthropy towards protecting South America’s threatened wildernesses) remain beacons of environmental best practice and which, today, provide the model for similar projects the world over.

In December last year Doug Tompkins died as the result of a tragic accident whilst kayaking. He was 72.

Doug was a great friend and mentor to TENT founder, Paul Lister (who features in the video below). Doug visited Alladale Wilderness Reserve and whole-heartedly supported conservation and rewilding efforts in Europe as part of globally connected efforts to protect natural systems and stopping species from going extinct.

Watch the video from the event below: