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100 Days of Solitude

José Díaz, a photographer and naturalist, embarks on a unique adventure: to live for a hundred days in a cabin in the Mountains of Redes Natural Park (Asturias) in complete solitude, without communication with the outside, with total self-sufficiency. The film is a stunning celebration of Asturias’ wilderness. It prompts a re-evaluation of our relationship with nature and our place in it. The European Nature Trust was proud to host a UK Premiere of the film at BAFTA in 2018, with all proceeds from the event donated to Fondación Oso Pardo to further their work to protect and restore the brown bear population and habitat in Asturias.


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More information on 100 Days of Solitude is available on Wanda's website. There, you can discover a host of immersive wildlife films.
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