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Dedicated To The Protection And Restoration
Of Wild Areas In Europe

The European Nature Trust supports the most effective conservation projects across Europe and Belize.

Through our work, we help people reconnect with the natural systems on which we depend. Our network of conservation projects allows companies and donors to maximise their impact for European conservation.

A legacy of stewardship

The European Nature Trust was founded in 2000 by Paul Lister, a passionate conservationist determined to invigorate the wildlife of our continent. After years in the family furniture business and the sudden ill health of his father, Paul had an awakening; he saw the damage that had occurred across the Scottish ecosystem, and launched a mission of rejuvenation. In 2003, he purchased Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, now the focus of a pioneering rewilding and ecotourism initiative.

Paul’s vision of restored nature has extended across the continent. At The European Nature Trust, we are working to preserve wild areas that remain, and restore those that have been lost.

One Goal


My fascination for the natural world was born from an early love of travel and adventure. Whilst the majority of conservation work is focused on Africa, Asia and South America, TENT works on the protection of the last remaining wild corners of Europe.

In Romania we are supporting the establishment of a National Park, since the country has the most extensive tracts of virgin and old-growth forests in Europe, with the highest concentration of large carnivores on the continent. In Spain the endangered Iberian lynx and Cantabrian brown bear have clung from the brink of extinction, and numbers are increasing due to the concerted action of NGO’s. In Italy, 60 Marsican brown bears are highly threatened, and without support will vanish forever. In Portugal, the wild is returning to abandoned farmland, creating the potential for a new rural tourism-based economy.

To ensure that Europe’s wild areas have a future, vital conservation work is yet to be done. Efforts are needed in areas that are threatened by illegal logging activity: since the fall of communism, Romania’s ancient forests have been under attack from multinational logging companies and corruption. Over the last millennia Scotland has lost 97% of its native woodland cover, leaving a sanitised landscape, brimming with deer and no large carnivores to keep numbers in balance. 

Belize is the exception to our European smorgasbord. The nation's ecosystems hum with life's abundance. It's a place where
over 60 per cent of the natural landscape has been preserved.

Through TENT’s activities we support well proven conservation projects on the ground in critical wilderness areas, allowing communities and wildlife alike to thrive. Above all, we love connecting people to nature.

Join us in our mission, and support the restoration of nature.
Paul Lister

Our Inspirations

Noel Lister

"My father heavily influenced my outlook. He was the adventurous type, with boundless energy, always seeking the next outdoor challenge; and my mother was his support system. After selling his remaining shares in the MFI furniture business, he put all his energy and resources into establishing the United Kingdom Sailing Academy (UKSA). The Cowes based charity, has since grown into the world’s leading maritime education facility for a children and adults alike. 

 TENT's own work and philosophy is inspired by his determination to bring about positive change, and a lasting legacy for nature and humanity alike." 

 – Paul Lister, TENT Founder & Trustee

Kris and doug tompkins

"In 2007 I was fortunate enough to meet Doug and Kris Tompkins, who helped establish and build the North Face, Esprit and Patagonia clothing brands. Once they sold their respective businesses, they began committing their fortune to nature, preserving and restoring millions of acres of wild areas in Chile and Argentina. 

A matchless contribution to the natural world, TENT looks to Doug and Kris Tompkins for inspiration as we work to protect and restore the wild areas of Europe."

– Paul Lister, TENT Founder & Trustee

“A true conservationist knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.”

 John James Audobon, 
Ornithologist, naturalist & painter

Nature Is Our Greatest Ally – Time To Let It Flourish.

 Our future depends on the restoration of ecosystems. Those that function naturally are the most resilient: they prevent flooding, clean our air and water, and store the carbon that we emit. Perhaps the greatest benefit of wild areas lies in their spiritual value – the sense of awareness, place, peace and belonging that only true nature can afford.

Our vision is one of coexistence: a European continent where wildlife and people alike thrive; where new sustainable, nature-based economies benefit local communities; and where wild nature is cherished, not feared. We aim to preserve the wild areas that remain, and restore those that have been lost.

Extending Nature’s Reach

We work with a network of conservation projects across Europe and beyond. As a grant-making organisation, we fund the most effective conservation projects, allowing companies and donors to maximise their contribution to conservation. We love nothing more than making 'noise for nature', producing educational media outputs while helping to network on the behalf of our partnered NGOs.

Our Team

Jacob Dykes

Conservation Manager

Jacob manages the Trust’s day to day activities. A lifelong nature lover, he is passionate about protecting and restoring Europe’s last remaining wild areas. Jacob is always planning new ways for TENT to make impactful contributions to conservation, while nurturing and growing existing relationships with our partner foundations. Working as an environmental journalist for high-profile publications, Jacob actively investigates the relationship between humanity and nature. He is passionate about the intrinsic value of wild areas as places to heal, nourish, and inspire.


Kate Heightman

Outreach Manager

Kate Heightman is TENT's Outreach Manager, based in Scotland. With a Master's in Rural Resource Management, Kate worked as a ranger for the Forestry Commission, and Farm Liaison Officer for Exmoor National Park Authority, before teaching A Level Environmental Science. She has great faith in the power of the natural world to provide a sense of belonging and wellbeing, and believes that connecting with and caring for nature can empower people to feel both self-worth and hope for the future. Kate manages our Scotland-based partnerships, and is responsible for TENT's education programme, as well as connecting local people and guests at Alladale Wilderness Reserve with TENT's work.


Andrew Bennet

Ambassador – Spain

Andrew lives in Madrid, following many years of living in Barcelona. He is a former communications agency leader with an extensive international career. As TENT’s Country Manager for Spain, Andrew plays a pivotal role working on CSR (corporate social responsibility) partnerships whilst also organising media and press events throughout Spain. TENT supports a number of NGO’s in Spain with a focus on landscape protection and wildlife conservation.


Nuno Henrique Luz

Country Manager - Portugal

As Country Manager for Portugal, Nuno supports our work with Rewilding Portugal in three capacities: building public and media relations for the benefit of wildlife conservation; developing political interest and awareness of Rewilding Portugal’s work; and promoting their projects to key business leaders. Nuno has extensive experience as a newspaper and magazine editor and as a writer, as well as in political communication, territorial marketing and public affairs. He is an avid cyclist, a keen adventurer, and loves nothing more than escaping to the wild.


“The support of The European Nature Trust over the last ten years has been invaluable, from financial contributions to key introductions, they have been long-standing supporters”

Christoph Promberger
Executive Director, Foundation Conservation Carpathia

Our Trustees

Paul Lister

After twenty years in the furniture business and the sudden ill health of his mentor and father Noel, Paul had a change of consciousness about his life, purpose and legacy. In 2000, he established The European Nature Trust with a focus on environmental and educational projects in Scotland and Romania. In 2003, he purchased Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, which is now the focus of a pioneering re-wilding and ecotourism initiative. Paul is also a trustee of Foundation Conservation Carpathia. With Paul at the helm, TENT is expanding its remit and impact across Europe through travel, film and events. Never taking a day off, Paul’s unwavering mission is to connect both people and businesses to nature through an ever-increasing number of international environmental projects.

Toby Akroyd

With a background in economics, business management and politics, Toby is the Coordinator of the Wild Europe initiative, trustee of The European Nature Trust and Rewilding Britain. His CV in nature conservation is extensive: he is the Vice Chairman of the Wilderness Foundation and trustee of Foundation Conservation Carpathia. Toby navigates TENT’s conservation strategy, helping to seek and establish new projects, and maximise their impact.

Catherine Capon

Catherine Capon is a British naturalist and adventurer. Her mission is to promote ecotourism as a conservation tool and to re-engage people with the natural world. Prompted by her early fascination with the outdoors, Catherine went on to study Ecology and Zoology at Imperial College London. With TENT, Catherine seeks to promote our ‘Conscious Travel with Purpose’ philosophy, and aims to connect people with wild nature.

David Elton

David is an experienced marketeer in the hotel and travel business. He has worked with the likes of Forte, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and he is now the Director of The Lime Wood Group. David is passionate about conservation and rural regeneration; his experience with day-to-day business operations, management and tourism helps TENT to expand our network, and connect more audiences with nature restoration.

Alexandru Ene

Alexandru is a trustee of the Romanian Centre for Economic Policies. He has also worked for the World Bank, Bertelsmann Foundation, USAID and the European Commission amongst others, as well as acting as Counsellor to the Minister of Finance and an economic advisor to the Prime Minister of Romania. Alexandru is TENT’s primary strategist and liaison for Romanian conservation.

Our Ambassadors

Chris Morgan

Chris is an ecologist and award-winning conservationist, educator, TV host, film producer and podcaster. His shows have reached millions of people worldwide. TENT proudly supports Chris’ mission to inspire humans everywhere about wildlife. Having supported the production and distribution of many of Chris’ films, TENT now supports the production of ‘The WILD with Chris Morgan’ – an award winning podcast series, and an immersive audio experience like no other.

Hugh Fullerton Smith

Hugh Fullerton Smith is a long-term supporter of TENT. As a former director, Hugh helped to establish many of our conservation and restoration projects in Scotland, with a focus on the restoration of Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Scotland’s pioneering rewilding project, where he was General Manager from 2006-2013. Hugh is passionate about youth education, and now leads a number of initiatives focusing on environmental and sustainability education. A force of nature, Hugh has boundless energy for conservation and community development projects.

Ross Westgate

Ross is a financial broadcaster and businessman with a decorated career in journalism. Ross is also Co-Founder of Gleann Mor Natural Capital, formed to help put nature at the heart of our economy. An advisory and project management business, it helps scale up nature-based solutions working with Landowners/ Managers, NGO’s, Corporates and Investors as well as a broad range of Environmental Solution Providers. Gleann Mor is named after one of the 2 principle  valleys at Alladale Wilderness Reserve and has been inspired by its work as well as that of The European Nature Trust, for which Ross has been an Ambassador and advisor since 2014.


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