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I Am Not Afraid of the Wolf – a new partnership

We are working with a new foundation to improve human-wolf relations.

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We preserve the integrity of Belizean ecosystems.

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We protect Europe’s most vulnerable carnivore populations.

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We support the return of wildlife to rural Portugal.

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We preserve Romania’s unique biodiversity and ecosystems.

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We work to conserve Spain’s flagship species and landscapes.

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We restore the degraded landscapes of the UK.

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Latest Project News

Could Scotland become the world's first 'Rewilding Nation'?

How can rewilding help Scotland's nature, people, and climate resilience?

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Why Not Scotland? – The London Premiere

An amazing attendance at the RGS to celebrate Belizean conservation!

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Switzerland’s culling of wolves draws national and international condemnation, contravening science and public opinion

A civilised nation, killing more than 70% of its wolves, flies in the face of science.

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