Unknown Belize Docuseries

An nation brimming with biodiversity

The European Nature Trust is producing a new four-part documentary series in Belize. This philanthropically funded work will uncover the wonder of Belize’s natural world, while exploring the political, economic and environmental challenges facing Central America’s only English-speaking nation.

When it comes to environmental protection and sustainable development, the nation is providing a blueprint to the world. 80% of the nation remains undeveloped. Where only 17% of the world’s land and 10% of our oceans are currently considered protected, Belize is leading the way; the nation has nearly fulfilled its commitment to the United Nation’s recent agreement to protect 30% of the world’s land and oceans by 2030. Belize is a true “Eden” with over 500 bird species, 150 mammals, 150 amphibians and reptiles, over 550 fish and more than 3,400 plant species. Over 60% of Belize’s landmass is currently wild and undeveloped. However, its natural resources are constantly at risk of exploitation from industrial farming, logging, mineral extraction, wildlife poaching, mining, unsustainable fishing and damage to the reef system. 

An eden to protect

In Unknown Belize, we go in search of Belize’s magnificent wildlife, from the elusive jaguar and agile spider monkey to the threatened scarlet macaw. We meet passionate conservation biologists and community members who strive daily to protect Belize’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Viewers meet the conservationists working to protect critical forest regions like the Maya Forest Corridor and the Mountain Pine Ridge; learn from ecologists at Panthera, whose extensive research is monitoring the health of jaguar populations; venture into Mennonite territory; dive some of the world’s richest coral reef ecosystems; and explore the nation’s growing sustainable coffee and chocolate making industries.

We visit remote Mayan settlements and scale temples, explore hidden sinkholes and remote river systems, and hike the hidden caves of the Chiquibul Forest. We enjoy a variety of local cuisines, championing Belize’s cultural heritage. This expansive series will create an intimate portrait of Belize, placing the nation in the international spotlight.  
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Unknown Belize Stats

4 feature-length episodes
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Featuring the work of more than 17 of Belize's marine and terrestrial environmental NGOs
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More than 3 years in the making

“Unknown Belize will help the world realise how much biodiversity this small nation harbours. Our mission is to inspire its protection, and attract inward investment for Belize’s conservation and sustainable development"

Paul Lister, TENT Founder & Trustee

Filmmaking with purpose

This informative and educational series will be a charitable production. Revenues from distribution agreements focused on the Americas and Europe, will be directed to conservation projects in Belize. Unknown Belize features Belize’s most visionary and integral Non-Governmental Organisations and conservation foundations working together to preserve Belize’s natural heritage: Belize Audubon Society, Belize Maya Forest Trust, BFREE, Clearwater Aquarium Research Institute, Community Baboon Sanctuary, Crocodile Research Coalition, Friends for Conservation and Development, Fragments of Hope, Mar Alliance, Maya Leader Alliance, Oceana, Panthera, Program for Belize, Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association, The Foundation for Wildlife Conservation, The Nature Conservancy and Ya’axche Conservation Trust.

Donors and partners: Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation, Wilsdorf Mettler Future Foundation, Teach Green Charitable Foundation, Hagan Family Foundation Nature Trust, The European Nature Trust, Andres Toro, John Taylor, Mike Kirkham, Ganesh Ramani 

Watch the trailer

The European Nature Trust (TENT) will be distributing the film internationally, with all proceeds supporting conservation in the country. Please follow the link below to watch the trailer, and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on where you can watch the series.
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A production filmed by Belizeans, in partnership with OneTribe TV

The 'Unknown Belize' series was produced by local Belizean production team Feste Films. Working alongside more than 17 NGOs – many of which were born in Belize – the film crew worked tirelessly to produce a stunning film on their country.

The post production and edit phase of Unknown Belize was carried out in partnership with the wonderful One Tribe TV in the UK.

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