conserving Italy's rich biodiversity

The European Nature Trust aims to conserve and raise the profile of wildlife and ecosystems in Italy. Our efforts focus on Abruzzo National Park, where we are working to conserve flagship species and connect people to nature.

This wild area sits at the heart of the stunning Apennine mountain range. It is an area of exceptional natural beauty and biodiversity, with around one hundred indigenous species. The region is home to the Italian wolf, golden eagle, Abruzzi chamois, and of course, the Marsican brown bear – Europe’s most charismatic species. This keystone species is one of central Europe’s last remaining apex predators – for Italian ecosystems to thrive, so too must the Marsican brown bear population.

>2000 Species
of plants

in Italy’s Abruzzo
National Park alone

60% native
forest cover

in Abruzzo
National Park

~60 Marsican brown bears

– the number
that remain

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TENT supports the conservation work of Salviamo l’Orso. Created in 2012, Salviamo l’Orso strives to grow Marsican Brown Bear numbers in Abruzzo National Park. Their projects research the conservation needs of the population; raise awareness of the bears’ ecological role; and educate local communities to improve human-wildlife relationships.


To raise conservation awareness of the wolf in Italy, we are partners with Io non ho paura del lupo – an activist group with a focus on wolf-human relations. The group works to improve coexistence between wolves and humans, disseminating accurate information on wolf ecology, mobilising citizen science while supporting shepherd communities.
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Support conservation by visiting abruzzo national park 

The European Nature Trust creates conservation journeys to Italy’s Abruzzo National Park – an area of stunning natural beauty. With access to expert guides, travellers can engage with the natural landscapes of Abruzzo, while contributing to crucial conservation work.
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