I Am Not Afraid of The Wolf

I am not afraid of the wolf

A Wondrous, Divisive Animal

No animal in the world has been more vilified and misunderstood than the Grey wolf. At the end of the 18th century, wolf populations were present in most areas of Europe, but as human populations grew in rural areas, wolves began to be intensely persecuted.

In the last few decades, wolves have recolonised much of their former European range. Rural-urban migration in mainland Europe has increased, and their prey populations have been restored. Great conservation work, and their natural ability to disperse has seen wolf numbers increase. However, a fierce and often politicised backlash to wolf presence is emerging. In order to coexist with apex predators, we need effective communication and trust between rural communities, governments, and conservation groups.

We Support Io Non Ho Paura Del Lupo’s Wolf Activism and Conservation

To raise conservation awareness of the wolf in Italy, we are partnering with Io non ho paura del lupo – an activist group with a focus on wolf-human relations. The group works to improve coexistence between the wolf and human communities. They deliver communication campaigns that improve understanding of wolves’ ecological role and how to live effectively alongside the species, as well as tangible interventions that mitigate conflict with shepherd communities.

Through outreach, INHPL are increasing knowledge of conservation issues and countering the flow of misinformation. Like The European Nature Trust, INPHL’s work is driven by the “wild” idea of a Europe that coexists with apex predators as keystone species, where healthy natural ecosystems are the foundations of thriving rural economies.

By working with local shepherds in the Apennine and Alpine regions of Italy, INHPL are enhancing predator-friendly livestock breeding practices, promoting the dissemination and adoption of preventative wolf-damage measures in farms and livestock-rearing activities, and engaging the community with meaningful citizen science research programmes.

Io Non Ho Paura Del Lupo’s Achievements

Over 4.5 million users reached in the past year through communication activities.
Over 30,000 signs of wolf presence identified or collected.
Over 100 misinformation episodes on media about wolves intervened by INHPL.

“Throughout the centuries we have projected on to the wolf the qualities we most despise and fear in ourselves.”

Barry Lopez, Biologist and Nature Writer

TENT and Io Non Ho Paura Del Lupo’s partnership

The European Nature Trust supports INHPL’s activities, with a focus on engaging public and private support for the wolf. Placing faith in the power of outreach and strong communications, we are working to drive engagement with the wolf coexistence movement.

Contribute to wolf conservation in Italy

By becoming a member of INPHL, you can support their activism and conservation efforts to carve a wilder future for Europe.
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