Conserving The Iberian Lynx

A keystone species of iberian ecosystems

The European Nature Trust works with CBD-Habitat to help conserve the Iberian lynx. An emblem of wild Iberia, the Iberian lynx is a key regulator of Spain’s ecosystems, balancing trophic cascades throughout the ecosystem. In the past, the species was abundant across Spain and Portugal, but through poaching, habitat loss and the decline of wild prey, numbers had declined to two isolated populations by the early 2000s.

Along with the collaboration of many groups, notably property owners who grant access to their land for conservation purposes, CBD-Habitat Foundation is helping to turn things around for the Iberian lynx. The organisation’s work has helped to recover the population to more than 1,600 today. The benefits of protecting and restoring the Iberian lynx and its habitat extend far beyond the local environment, to the surrounding communities and to the entirety of Europe.

We support CBD-Habitat Foundation in
Iberian lynx conservation

Through camera-trapping, radio-tracking, and active surveillance, CBD-Habitat are monitoring the population and health of Iberian lynx populations. A nationwide captive breeding programme is helping to seed new wild populations. Threats to lynx survival – such as hunting, poisoning and road accidents – are being surveyed and mitigated.

A significant threat to lynx has been the decline of its main prey, the wild rabbit, which has been decimated by introduced diseases. CBD-Habitat are sustainably reviving populations of wild rabbit, in order to build the prey base for the Iberian lynx population to expand.

Lynx habitat has also been fragmented by human development and agricultural expansion, and the conversion of diverse Mediterranean forest to monoculture plantations. CBD-Habitat are securing protection for Mediterranean forest, while promoting the ecological conditions for their expansion.

CBD-Habitat's Achievements

1,668 wild lynx today, up from 100 in the early 2000’s
4514 km² – now the Iberian lynx’s range across Iberia
12,000 hectares – the area now protected by CBD-Habitat

“TENT has given us an opportunity for our work to be more broadly known, as well as supporting our projects”

Nuria El Khadir Palomo
Director, CBD-Habitat

TENT and CBD-Habitat’s Partnership

The European Nature Trust has an annual funding commitment to CBD-Habitat’s conservation work. Our fundraising initiatives enable donors and companies to make further contributions to CBD-Habitat’s work.

Through outreach, media, film, and travel we are raising awareness and engagement with efforts to conserve the species.

Play your role in Iberian lynx conservation

The Iberian lynx is a critical part of the Iberian ecosystem, and of Europe's biodiversity. A visit to CBD-Habitat’s project area through TENT’ and Steppes Travel conservation journey to Andalucia can allow you to make a positive impact to the species' conservation.  
visit andalucia

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