Building a Richer Highlands

Creating Living Landscapes In Scotland

The European Nature Trust supports the work of the Highlands & Islands Environment Foundation (HIEF) – a grant-making charity supporting projects aiming to protect and restore the ecosystems of the Highlands, where passionate protectors are working to reverse environmental damage and supercharge its restoration. Through direct funding, TENT supports HIEF’s mission to reinvigorate vibrant natural environments where people and nature thrive together. We believe that nature restoration benefits all, and we champion HIEF’s values of community-led development.

We Support The Highlands And Islands
Environment Foundation

As a grant-making charity, HIEF funds projects that fall into four key habitats: montanes, fresh water, marine & coastal,
and forest & woodland.

In montane landscapes, HIEF is working with a network of local farmers and a forestry land Scotland site to put wildlife and biodiversity at the heart of land management at West Loch Ness. In freshwater environments, HIEF is currently supporting projects to reintroduce cranes to the Cairngorms, and to bolster the Highland population of water voles – their numbers having been reduced close to 95 per cent since 1950. In forests & woodlands, HIEF’s active projects are working to conserve Scotland’s remaining temperate rainforests; expand a network of community bird-boxes to bolster Scotland’s avian populations; and to support the regeneration of unique and endangered liverworts, mosses and lichens. On the marine & coastal front, HIEF has awarded grants to uplift projects to restore native oyster populations at Lochaline and in Wester Ross; map and model marine resources; protect crucial marine habitats, including the Argyll Coast & Islands Hope Spot; undergo extensive beach cleans, and much more.


16 projects supported in the Highlands and Islands
450 bird boxes built to support biodiversity
10,000 oysters grown for marine restoration
1,100 kg of plastic waste collected from beaches

"The Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation is delighted to partner with TENT to strengthen the support available for community-led environment projects"

Sally McNaught
Executive Director, Highlands & Islands Environment Foundation

Play your role in the recovery of Scotland’s ecosystems:

To find out how you can get involved in any of Highlands and Islands Environment Foundation's projects,
visit their website and discover more about their work.

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