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the next generation of environmental stewards

At The European Nature Trust, we believe that young people must be empowered to preserve nature. We believe that is only possible through meaningful engagement with wild areas. Yet, under 40 per cent of schoolchildren in the UK spend time regularly in natural settings. Our mission is to engage young people with nature, support their wellbeing, and empower the next generation of environmental stewards.

We Support Community Environmental Education
In The Highlands

TENT has been operating an outdoor children's education program at Alladale Wilderness Reserve since 2007. In partnership with Highland Outdoor Wilderness Learning (HOWL) and Adelong, TENT hosts up to 150 local schoolchildren on expert-led environmental journeys, supporting their education and development. On five-day trips, children hike, navigate and craft their way to a deeper ecological understanding of the world. During the tailored experience participants not only improve their understanding about the natural world, ecology and conservation but also learn key life skills at Alladale Wilderness Reserve – one of the most progressive conservation projects in Scotland. We aim to enable those taking part to reconnect with our natural heritage and to ignite a passion to protect, restore and enjoy the wild. Since the programme began, thousands of local children have learnt about ecology, bush craft, and leadership. Many have since gained employment in conservation and ecology.


More than 1,000 seedlings of native trees planted every year by HOWL students
100% success rate for HOWL students to achieve the John Muir Discoverer award
More than 100 students
participate in HOWL each year

“The importance of children experiencing and enjoying the wild is essential both for them and the planet – especially today. Alladale is the perfect place to do just that.”

Broadcaster, Writer & Adventurer

Learn about wild nature through the HOWL programme:

To find out more about the HOWL programme and book a HOWL trip please email billy@howl.scot

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