Reintroducing The Beaver To Britain

A true ecosystem engineer

The European Nature Trust is dedicated to the reintroduction of beavers to Britain. The Eurasian beaver once ranged throughout Britain’s waterways, but were hunted to extinction by the late 1700s. The health of our rivers has suffered with their loss: According to the Water Framework Directive, just 14 per cent of UK rivers are today in ‘Good’ ecological health.

Beavers are an ecosystem engineer species. By building dams and felling trees, beavers create diverse wetland habitats that benefit biodiversity. They are ‘climate allies, increasing the amount of dissolved organic carbon in water systems. They have a rightful place on our rivers, and their reintroduction is a crucial part of the broader movement to restore the UK’s watercourses and riparian ecosystems.

We support the national movement to
reintroduce beavers

The European Nature Trust is committed to advancing the nationwide effort to reintroduce beavers to Britain. TENT has an annual funding commitment to the Beaver Trust, an organisation working on the nationwide reintroduction and management strategy of the species. Beaver Trust is also working holistically on river catchment restoration in the UK, helping landowners and communities to initiate their own beaver reintroduction projects, while supporting the restoration and planting of riparian woodlands on riverbanks.

Working in partnership with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, TENT has contributed to the Scottish Beaver reintroduction programme. TENT is committed to increasing the awareness of beaver benefits by funding advocacy, education and outreach campaigns.

Beaver Trust's Achievements

20 Eurasian beavers translocated to restoration projects across Britain
40 landowners supported to live alongside beavers
70 CEO's joined a coalition, gathered by Beaver Trust, calling for a strategy to return the beaver to Britain 

"Beaver Trust is delighted to have the partnership and support of TENT, it has enabled some award-winning communications projects for us as we nurture the return of this key species to Britain"

 Eva Bishop
Communications Director, Beaver Trust

Play your role in beaver reintroduction:

TENT invites you to share this page, support efforts to reintroduce beavers and restore the UK’s watercourses. Engage with ecological restoration and become an ambassador for the UK’s beavers.
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