Securing A Future For The Scottish Wildcat

Dedicated To The UK's Last Wild Cat Species

The European Nature Trust is participating in the national effort to restore populations of the Scottish Wildcat. The species was once common across Britain, but through persecution, habitat loss, disease and hybridisation with domestic cats, they are on the brink of extinction.

Britain’s last remaining native cat species and one of the few remaining predators, the species’ survival is crucial for the regulation of the Highland ecosystem. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has already declared the species ‘functionally extinct’ in the wild; without a strategic program to bolster the species' genetic health, the Scottish wildcat will be lost forever.

We Are Participating In The Recovery Of
The Scottish Wildcat

TENT is an active supporter of Saving Wildcats, an ambitious recovery project led by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS), in collaboration with national and international partners. TENT’s funding has enabled the construction of a wildcat breeding enclosure at Alladale Wilderness Reserve. Kittens from Alladale help maintain genetic stability and are also being used to populate RZSS's newly built breed-for-release centre at the Highland Wildlife Park. TENT will continue to support RZSS's efforts, with an eventual aim for wild releases at strategic sites.


1 breeding centre established at Alladale
8 kittens born at Alladale across 2018–2020
57 wildcat kittens born across RZSS’s Saving Wildcats programme in 2020
>30 participating zoos, wildlife parks and private collections in the Saving Wildcats programme

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

John Muir,
Naturalist & Environmental Philosopher

Play your role in the recovery of Scotland’s ecosystems:

By visiting Alladale Wilderness Reserve, you can engage with the movement to restore the Highland ecosystem. Watch red squirrels, ptarmigan and golden eagles; explore Alladale’s pioneering restoration efforts; and reconnect with true nature.
visit alladale wilderness reserve

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