The fall of the Forest – A European tragedy

The destruction of the last primeval forest in lowland Europe is happening.

This year already, over 10,000 trees (most of which are hundreds of years old) have already been hacked down in Poland. But who cares? Well, according to a recent article by Maria Bolevich, not the government.

Bialowieza Forest in Poland is home to some of Europe’s last remaining Bison and even with its UNESCO world heritage status and being protected by the European Union’s Bird and Habitat Directives it is still under attack.

“They don’t care about trees, they care about wood.” said Adam Wajrak – veteran environmental campaigner.

In July, the European Court of Justice ordered an immediate suspension of logging in the forest, however, this ruling has been ignored by the Polish Government. Statements from the Polish Government claim that the felling of those ancient woods is indented to combat an outbreak of bark beetles that would otherwise cause around £685 million in environmental damage. However, many critics claim that the motive is actually commercial.

Here at TENT, we work in Romania with a partner of ours Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) to prevent illegal logging in the Carpathian mountain region. FCC was founded in 2009 by 12 philanthropists and conservationists with the goal to stop illegal logging and to protect a significant surface of Carpathian forests for future generations. The intention is to ultimately return all landholdings to the public domain for permanent protection in the form of a national park.

Every year, TENT hosts a four day cycling adventure in Romania which takes riders through ancient forests, medieval villages and on to the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Cycling into the very heart of Transylvania, riders can expect breathtaking views of a truly wild country, authentic local culture and a fantastic workout!

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