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The European Nature Trust develops media to connect people with nature and inspire its protection. We work with top photographers and filmmakers to co-produce media projects, documentaries, podcasts and feature films that raise awareness of crucial issues in conservation.

The TENT Cinema

Enjoy a hand-picked selection of the documentary works that we have either helped to produce or financially supported.
Riverwoods: An Untold Story

Learn how rivers connect land and sea, and how we can come together to restore them.

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On The Edge

Explore the concept of 'river buffers' - a measure that may restore our failing rivers.

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100 Days of Solitude

Join José Díaz in the Asturian wilderness as he reconnects with nature.

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Dehesa: Forest of the Iberian Lynx

Deep in the Spanish Dehesa, Europe’s most charismatic cat makes its home. Journey in search of the Iberian lynx.

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Untamed Romania

Journey to the heart of Romania and explore the country’s rich ecosystems through this feature length, award-winning film.

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Beavers Without Borders

A short documentary about the ecological, climatic and social benefits of beaver reintroduction.

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Wild Carpathia

Written and presented by Charlie Ottley this four-part documentary series explores the wild beauty of Romania.

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Journey on an epic adventure to discover the threats bears face in the wild with Chris Morgan.

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Screening Events

In partnership with sponsors, TENT hosts regular screening parties for 250–400 guests. Our screenings and premieres are hosted at prestigious venues, including BAFTA and BFI. Screenings provide a valuable platform, enabling us to raise crucial funds for distribution to our conservation project partners, while engaging new audiences with nature and its conservation.

Upcoming event: Why Not Scotland?

On 20th June, 2024, The European Nature Trust will be hosting the charitable London premiere of Why Not Scotland? – a narrative and personal documentary posing the pressing question: If nature is recovering across Europe, can Scotland undergo a similar revival?

100% of proceeds will be allocated to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture to drive nature recovery in Scotland; from aspen regeneration, to community engagement, to reintroducing lynx to Scotland.
DISCOVER Why not scotland

“To the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.”

William Blake,
Poet & painter


The European Nature Trust supports the production of immersive audio experiences to connect people with nature and its conservation. TENT is a co-funder of 'The WILD with Chris Morgan – a wildlife audio experience like no other, written and hosted by the passionate ecologist and conservationist, Chris Morgan. Many of our projects have featured in "The Geographical Podcast", hosted by Geographical – the publication of the Royal Geographical Society.
The Comeback Cat: Spain’s Iberian lynx

How did what used to be the rarest cat on earth leap 1000% in number in just 20 years?

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Portugal's Ecological Utopia

Join Chris Morgan in remote, rural Portugal, as he learns about Rewilding Portugal's vision.

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Alladale on The Geographical Podcast

Deep in the Scottish Highlands, a process of regeneration is taking place.

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The Path of the Jaguar

Join Chris Morgan on the trail of the jaguar, and meet the conservationists working to protect them.

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The Wild with Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan’s podcast series explores the nature around us, taking listeners to distant corners of the natural world.

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The Flight of the Scarlet Macaw

Delve into the remote, tropical forests of Belize's Chiquibul Forest to search for the scarlet macaw.

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Beaver Trust on The Geographical Podcast

Beavers are an ecosystem engineer, climate ally, and the first native mammal reintroduced to Britain.

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