TENT X Auchan Romania

Wild Kingdom has partnered with Auchan Romania to provide wildlife education to young people.

Last week Wild Kingdom (supported by TENT)  kicked off a fruitful partnership with Auchan Romania. Auchan Romania is one of the most important commercial chains in Romania. The company has almost 11,000 employees in its 33 stores – placing it in the top five private employers in the country.

Working together, The European Nature Trust Romania (TENT) and Auchan have placed the Wild Kingdom mobile educational centre in the Auchan Coresi Park. Families can register their children for free environmental courses. Registration is based on age categories allowing appropriate classes for different age groups. Students enjoy interactive lessons about forests and the country’s rich biodiversity by theTENT trainers.

Children aged 5-16 years are taught about: the role of forests and their importance; the unique status of virgin forests in Romania and the impact caused by irresponsible human exploitation.

The European Nature Trust Romania is proud to have a resounding name such as Auchan on its list of supporters and partners. They have shown a strong interest in helping progress this vital work – educating the younger generation about the importance of protecting and conserving our fragile environment. Many students leave inspired by the natural heritage that Romanians share and which, in their turn, they will leave it to future generations.

We hope that this will mark the start of a long collaboration, working together to ensure that our precious environment will continue to be a legacy for the future. TENT would also like to thank Auchan for the chance to shine a light on nature near one of the largest commercial centres in Transylvania.