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“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”



Holding over half of Europe’s virgin forest and the last stronghold for wildlife including most of what remains of the continent’s terrestrial megafauna, Romania now sits at the heart of European conservation.

The Carpathian Mountains dominate the central region of Romania. They extend over seven countries and are Europe’s second largest mountain range – covering an area the size of Britain.

The region supports a wealth of natural diversity, including the largest area of virgin forest left in Europe, as well as semi-natural montane pastures and hay meadows.

These areas are exceptionally rich in species and are home to Europe’s last stronghold of large carnivores, such as the brown bear, wolf and lynx.

Illegal logging and corruption are threatening all of this. TENT, and its partners, are working to prevent the destruction of this globally important region.

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Taking the many forms of illegal logging documented by the Romanian government, local NGOs, and in EIA’s own investigation, EIA estimates that at least 50% of all timber cut in Romania was illegally sourced.



Many people think the Highlands of Scotland are the epitome of wilderness – in fact, they are just a shadow of their former self. Almost all of the ancient forest and wildlife has been removed.

Much of the flora and fauna that once thrived across Scotland, including wolves, bears and lynx, has been lost.

As a direct consequence, deer species have no predators and their continual grazing prevents the natural regrowth of forest. The landscape has been dramatically altered, and, in some cases, degraded beyond repair.

TENT is committed to the restoration of native species and associated heritage to Alladale Wilderness Reserve – a pioneering project seeking to develop a new rural economy in the Scottish Highlands through increased biodiversity and ecotourism.

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“A true conservationist is an individual who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.”


Other Projects

Although committed to our core areas, TENT is involved in several other project areas and is always on the lookout for more.

Most notable of these other areas of interest is the region known as the Wolf Mountains. This is an area in the Eastern Carpathians, which spans the borders of Poland, Slovakia and the Ukraine – like much of the range it is an unspoiled natural treasure.

TENT, alongside partners, is striving to create a protected area of 100,000 hectares to sufficiently maintain ecosystem processes and develop a sustainable natural economy.

TENT have just committed funds to the preliminary assessment of economic and enterprise activities in the region.

TENT contributed significantly to the incorporation of wilderness into regional forest planning in Bulgaria.

This was a small project by the BSPB which involved inclusion of wilderness into the ten year planning process for three forest districts in the south of the country.

This has turned out to be a successful initiative, promoting protection over a significant area. There is considerable scope for replication of this concept elsewhere in the UK and Europe.

TENT made significant contributions to riparian planting and habitat restoration in the Kyle of Sutherland, which has now grown to a multi-million pound project and fully involved the local community.

This was a significant success and will make a hugely positive impact on the condition of the waterways and health of the river ecosystem, benefitting many local landowners.

TENT will look to make further contributions as we progress.

TENT are partnered with Natura Siberica, who produce 100% organic and Soil Association certified cosmetic products.

Natura Siberica are focussed on creating a positive impact on the world, and so donate 7% of all profit from their new Alladale Wilderness Reserve Range to TENT’s conservation efforts in Scotland.

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