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It’s a match! – Partner up with TENT

The European Nature Trust is looking for a Scottish company to partner with to support the development of a scientific research station in the Highlands next year.

TENT was created with the singular aim of protecting and restoring wild areas of Europe with its main focus on Scotland, specifically the Highlands.  We are proud to say that 100% of all money donated to TENT is given directly to the projects that we support.

We have recently created a collaboration between TENT, St Andrews University and The Earthwatch Institute to work together on a local, Scottish research project.

Over the course of summer 2018, TENT will be working with The Earthwatch Institute (the largest citizen science organisation in the world) to establish a scientific research station based at Alladale Wilderness Reserve  in the Scottish Highlands to conduct studies looking into:

-Biodiversity conservation across multiple taxa (e.g., trees, native plants, birds, herbivores, carnivores), including native species reintroductions and maintenance of genetic diversity;

-Human-wildlife coexistence, including the reduction of conflict between humans and wildlife,

-The reduction of wildlife damage to crops and forests, and noninvasive pest control;

-Food-web functionality including keystone species and biodiversity, and food-web relationships driven by native plants, pollinators, large herbivores, and carnivores;

-Climate change adaptation, including using ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation to increase ecological resiliency;

-Preserving capacity for climate-change induced range shifts in flora and fauna; and

-Geospatial studies that measure habitat by cover type (remote sensing) and wildlife use (camera traps ad GPS collars), to help inform future restoration efforts.

We are looking to partner with a new organisation for this project in the hope of gaining support in providing vital resources, equipment and tools to make this project a success!

If this sounds like a relationship that you want to be a part of, then it would be great to discuss this further to see if we can work together on such an important project for the good of Scottish wildlife.

For more information about the project please do get in touch.