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The European Nature Trust promotes conservation journeys that allow people to explore and reconnect with Europe’s wild side. Our continent still has an abundance of wildlife and wilderness areas, landscapes of stunning natural beauty, and growing populations of carnivores.

Wild Europe is out there, waiting for those adventurous enough to seek it.

Conservation Journeys With Steppes Travel

Through our partnership with Steppes Travel, we curate boutique conservation journeys to Europe’s wildlife hotspots. Each journey includes a significant donation to conservation organisations, allowing travellers to contribute to the protection and restoration of European wild areas.

Our Conservation Journeys:

I Am Not Afraid of the Wolf – a new partnership

We are working with a new foundation to improve human-wolf relations.

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“Keep close to Nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

John Muir,
Naturalist & Environmental Philosopher

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Connecting People to Nature

At The European Nature Trust we are convinced in the positive outcome of “connecting people to nature”. To this end, we help facilitate 1-2 weeklong trips to explore & discover conservation projects across Europe. During these trips you will have the very best chances of observing wildlife, learning from local guides & ecologists, all whilst supporting rural communities. Trips can be further extended to take in cultural and historic sites also. If you wish to visit the wilder parts of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Scotland or Belize please do call or email Jacob Dykes, TENT’s Conservation Manager.

Travel News

Conservation in 2022: TENT's round-up of the year

As the year draws to its close, we are reflecting on a bumper year for wildlife and habitats in Europe.

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TENT continues support of FCC in Romania – Europe's biodiversity capital

Our support of FCC continues, focusing on species reintroductions and restoration

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WILD ABRUZZO: The Spirit of Untamed Italy – A Thank You!

Join us for a cinematic journey to Wild Abruzzo and help conserve the world's rarest bear

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