Spain - Asturias

A Conservation Journey to the rugged,
beautiful Asturian Mountains

In partnership with Steppes Travel, TENT offers guests tailor-made Conservation Journeys to the wild heart of Spain; the most extensive, unspoilt and intact forest ecosystem in western Europe. Asturias is home to the European brown bear, vast populations of raptors, verdant wildflower meadows and weaving wild rivers.

 Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by professional guides and ecologists at Fundación Oso Pardo. You’ll spend your days exploring the ecosystems in wild areas, including Riaño, Picos de Europa, Somiedo and Cangas del Narcea. Early mornings are spent exploring hidden valleys and traversing remote tracks by 4x4 and on foot, looking out for the incredible array of wild nature.


Not only will guests explore and learn about the wild ecosystems of Asturias – they will directly contribute to its preservation. Included in the trip is a donation to Fundación Oso Pardo – an organisation founded in 1992 to study and conserve the endangered European brown bear. Consisting of a multidisciplinary team of scientists and experts in biodiversity conservation, the foundation has been integral to the protection and restoration of the brown bear population. 

 The organisation’s work includes the conservation and restoration of high interest habitats, monitoring the bear population, research, the fight against poaching, training and environmental education and the prevention of conflicts between bears and humans. Crucial conservation efforts are needed to ensure the survival of this fragile population of European large carnivores. Visiting FOP with TENT and Steppes Travel can directly contribute to their conservation, helping wildlife protection and educational projects get off the ground.  

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"This mountainous area of Spain is breathtakingly beautiful. We were guided by experts in bear protection and habitat conservation, who shared with us not only their wealth of knowledge, but their wonderful company. For a nature lover, it was an unbelievable treat"

Maxine Davis
Conservation Journey Guest, 2019

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