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The European Nature Trust (TENT) will be hosting the UK premiere of Unknown Belize on 7th June 2023 at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). The documentary uncovers the wild wonders of Belize, showcasing a little-known nation of immense pride and purpose.  Proceeds from the event will be directed to the protection and promotion of Belize’s natural environment, and the foundations that do so much to safeguard it. We invite you to join us for the premiere, to be inspired and to contribute to the protection of Belize’s natural heritage.

A Groundbreaking Series

From stunning coral reefs and pristine rainforests, to savannahs and wetlands brimming with biodiversity, Unknown Belize explores the nation’s unique natural beauty and character in conservation. As we journey across Belize’s diversity of marine and terrestrial habitats, we explore visionary environmental projects, meeting the passionate conservationists and grassroots foundations working to preserve the nation’s natural heritage. We encounter the rich diversity of Belizean cultures, witnessing the vibrancy of a nation that has quietly been preserving its natural environment. Where other nations have dominated the international travel agenda, Belize is a nation so unique in its offering to the curious, conscious traveler. Woven throughout the documentary, we encounter a plethora of inspiring conservationists, wildlife campaigners, and new, sustainable community-based agribusinesses.

When it comes to environmental protection and sustainable development, the nation is providing a blueprint to the world. 80% of the nation remains undeveloped. Where only 17% of the world’s land and 10% of our oceans are currently considered protected, Belize is leading the way; the nation has nearly fulfilled its commitment to the United Nation’s recent agreement to protect 30% of the world’s land and oceans by 2030. At this most challenging crossroads, nations of the global south preserving the world’s natural wealth have cause for togetherness, for celebration and pride, as we carve a more sustainable global future.

Watch the trailer!

Unknown Belize was produced by OneTribeTV and shot by Feste Films.

An Evening For Conservation Heroes

Why attend? 100% of proceeds from the evening will be donated by The European Nature Trust to the protection and promotion of Belize’s incredible NGO network featured in the films. TENT has selected the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) as a world class event space to host guests from the world of travel, commerce, finance, media, nature conservation and of course TENT’s loyal supporters!  There will be ample opportunities for networking and celebration. We will screen a specially curated cut from the series with a break for food/wine and Belizean rum cocktails!

We have carefully curated a 2-week trip to Belize for auction, which promises to be nothing short of spectacular.  Finally, a select group of panelists will be fielding questions from the audience.

Secure your tickets

Tickets are now available to purchase via Eventbrite. Included within the ticket price are your food and drinks for the evening. 100% of all proceeds from ticket sales and the auction go back to nature conservation in Belize.
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A philanthropic production

Donors: Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation, Wilsdorf Mettler Future Foundation, Teach Green Charitable Foundation, HFF Nature Trust, The European Nature Trust, Andres Toro, John Taylor, Mike Kirkham, Ganesh Ramani

Unknown Belize features Belize’s most visionary and integral Non-Governmental Organisations and conservation foundations working together to preserve Belize’s natural heritage: Belize Audubon Society, Belize Maya Forest Trust, BFREE, Clearwater Aquarium Research Institute, Community Baboon Sanctuary, Crocodile Research Coalition, Friends for Conservation and Development, Fragments of Hope, Mar Alliance, Maya Leader Alliance, Oceana, Panthera, Program for Belize, Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association, The Foundation for Wildlife Conservation, The Nature Conservancy and Ya’axche Conservation Trust.

The evening

Please arrive with your confirmation email by 18:00 to the Royal Geographical Society. We have a tight schedule and the film screening will start promptly. There is no dress code for the evening.

18:00 – Arrival, film screenings start promptly
20:30 – Food, drinks and party!
22:30 – Close

Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore, South Kensington, London SW7 2AR

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The UK Premiere of Unknown Belize is an event for anyone with an interest in climate change, nature conservation, conscious travel and sustainable development.

Belize: An Eden to Protect

100% of proceeds will be donated by TENT to the
protection and promotion of Belize's natural wealth.

A production filmed by Belizeans, in partnership with OneTribe TV

Unknown Belize was shot by all Belizean film crew, Feste Films, who worked tirelessly over the filming schedule to proudly showcase their nation. The post production and editing was completed by the wonderful One Tribe TV in the UK.

With thanks to:

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