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Bringing Nature into Focus, Through our Collaboration with Leica

A new partnership to protect, restore and study wild nature

At The European Nature Trust, we have always believed in the power of connecting with wild nature. That is why we have recently partnered with Leica – an elite photography and optics brand, whose products bring wildlife and natural landscapes into sharp focus. Through our collaboration, we will be offering guests at Alladale Wilderness Reserve the opportunity to witness nature’s comeback to the Highlands through state-of-the-art optics. Further across Europe, our partnership will support conservation heroes working to restore wild areas and species. Our collaboration comes at a crucial time. More people are engaging with the movement to restore living landscapes. We invite you to join TENT and Leica and experience true nature, as we work together to restore landscapes and wildlife.

Images from Leica Ambassador and fine art photographer, Max Milligan,
taken at Alladale Wilderness Reserve:

Ecosystem Restoration at Alladale Wilderness Reserve

TENT and Alladale’s shared vision is to return vast tracts of what was once the original Caledonian Forest, a wilderness once roamed by wolves, lynx and elk. Over the last 15 years, over a million trees have been planted at Alladale, damaged peatlands have been restored; red squirrels have been reintroduced. Ptarmigan, black grouse, pine marten and golden eagle numbers are growing as their natural habitats replenish.

Leica joins TENT and Alladale’s partnership, offering guests the opportunity to witness the majesty of Scotland’s wildlife. Through elite binoculars, nature scopes and state-of-the-art sport optics, guests can experience the thrill of wildlife watching in a restored landscape.

Capture the Beauty of the Highlands

Leica Photography Workshop at Alladale Wilderness Reserve

A once in a lifetime experience! Join us for this week-long Leica trip to Alladale Wilderness Reserve – a 23,000-acre utopia.

 Over the last 15 years, more than a million trees have been planted along the arcing glens and mountainsides. You'll explore regenerating landscapes of stunning natural beauty in a region where wildlife is returning.

 Guided by renowned fine art photographer Max Milligan, you'll capture the panoramic landscapes of Alladale, walk in the most northern stand of primary Caledonian pine forest in Scotland, and keep an eye out for red squirrels and black grouse. The treks will take you through wooded valleys, where you can look to the skies for golden eagles soaring above, or to the stony tops for mountain hares and ptarmigan. At this time of year, you'll be able to capture images of salmon leaping in the Glencalvie falls, and search for one of the UK’s most spectacular events in the wildlife calendar – the red deer rut. You'll have the chance to visit the Scottish wildcat breeding centre, and capture images of the seals and abundant birdlife of Loch Fleet during an off-site field trip. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the rewilding movement from Alladale's team of rangers and ecologists.

 Back at the lodge, you'll have the opportunity to spend your evenings reviewing and developing your personal portfolios with Max, or to relax and enjoy the premium facilities; including a sauna, gym, billiards table and a fully stocked library of nature books. You will be expertly catered for by your own personal chef.

Price: £2,995 pp (room sharing) 
Dates: 11th–17th of September 2022 (7 days)
Location: Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Book your place on the Leica Photography Workshop at Alladale Wilderness Reserve

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