Dedicated to the protection and restoration
of wild areas in europe

Our mission is to ensure that Europe's wild landscapes and ecosystems are preserved for future generations.
We support crucial conservation projects, connect people to nature, and raise the profile of Europe's last remaining wild areas.


We fund and support conservation projects working to preserve Europe’s wildlife and last remaining natural landscapes.


We promote unique travel experiences that allow people to connect with nature, while directly contributing to conservation projects on-the-ground.

Film & Events

To raise nature’s profile, we create educational and inspiring media that showcases the beauty of nature and efforts underway to protect it.


Our network of conservation projects enables companies and donors to maximise their contribution to European conservation.

Noise For Nature

We organise for educators, journalists, documentarians and other content creators to visit wild areas in Europe and raise public awareness of conservation.

One goal


“The wild landscapes of Europe have undergone profound change. Yet, contrary to popular perception, there are wild areas and flagship species that remain.

To ensure that Europe’s wildness has a future, vital conservation work is yet to be done. Through our activities, we support agile and impactful conservation projects in critical areas. Above all, we love connecting people to nature.

We invite you to get in touch, to learn more, and
get involved.

Paul Lister
TENT Brochure 2024

Our conservation partnerships

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“When One Tugs At A Single Thing In Nature, He Finds It Attached To The Rest Of The World.”

 John Muir, 
Naturalist & Environmental Philosopher

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