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Riverwoods: An Untold Story

We all depend on rivers. They provide the water we drink; transport the nutrients that people and wildlife alike depend on; their flows and banks provide habitat for native species; and perhaps most importantly, they are natural features of wonder, beauty and mystery.

Yet all is not well. In Scotland – where 97% of native woodland has been lost over the years – many riverbanks are deforested. Threatened by changes at sea and on land, Scotland’s Atlantic salmon are suffering from the degradation of river catchments. Their numbers have declined by 70% within the last 50 years. Now, fewer are returning to our waters, with evidence suggesting that Scotland’s rivers are becoming too hot. On the Dee and Kyle catchments, fisheries managers have recorded freshwater temperatures as high as 28.5°C – too high for spawning salmon.

Riverwoods: An Untold Story shines a light on the perilous state of Scotland’s river catchments and Atlantic salmon populations. The film reveals the fine connections that thread freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems; how species in nature, seemingly disconnected, are in fact dependent on one another; and how each of us can come together in a shared vision for a restored Scotland.

Watch the trailer

Watch the trailer for the hit sensation below. SCOTLAND: The Big Picture are currently in discussions with multiple networks concerning the film’s wider distribution; we will keep you informed of progress.

Riverwoods: The London Premiere

On 24th May, 2022, TENT hosted the London premiere of Riverwoods at the British Film Institute, Southbank. Together, we raised more than £60,000 to kickstart a riparian restoration project on the Kyle catchment.

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