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The Comeback Cat: Spain’s Iberian lynx

How did what used to be the rarest cat on earth leap a staggering 1000% in number in just 20 years? Like so many carnivores around the world, through history the Iberian lynx was persecuted as a menace or a threat to livestock and lifestyle: they were shot, poisoned, trapped, hunted. And misunderstood.

Today, the species is still endangered, and a real focus of conservation attention. But things are turning around, there used to be only around 100 lynx in Spain but now there are nearly 1000, thanks to the work of conservation NGOs like CBD-Habitat.

Discover TENT's work with CBD-Habitat

The European Nature Trust is a long-term supporter of CBD-Habitat, an organisation Chris Morgan visits in this episode of The WILD. Find out more about how CBD-Habitat are working to conserve the Iberian lynx. 

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