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TENT's Belize 2022 conference: "Celebrate, Collaborate, Conserve"

The European Nature Trust & The Family Coppola Hideaways are excited to be hosting Belize 2022 - Conservation Symposium, bringing together crucial nature related NGO’s in Belize.

The 48-hour symposium opens at 14.30 on 30th January 2022 at Blancaneaux Lodge in the Mountain Pine Ridge and runs over three days.  More than 35 Belizean organisations will have a forum to showcase their work, exchange ideas, develop new conservation strategies, and fuel the continued mission to conserve Belize’s biodiversity.

An Eden to Protect

Belize’s natural history is on a par with the Amazon rainforest. The nation is a true “Eden”, home to a compendium of species: over 500 birds, 150 mammals, 150 amphibians and reptiles, over 550 fish and more than 3,400 plants. The nation’s ecosystems are some of the most intact globally: around 75 percent of Belize’s landmass is undeveloped. Diverse ecosystems are found in extensive broadleaf jungles, pine forests, wetlands, mangroves, savannahs, even barrier reefs. With a tropical climate, seasonal rains, fertile soils and oceanic wonders, this is a country of immense natural wealth. 

However, Belize’s natural resources are constantly at risk of exploitation from large-scale farming, logging, mining, and illegal wildlife crime. The survival of Belize’s natural resources is critical for the future of biodiversity, local communities, and our climate.

TENT believes that one of the most effective tools in conservation is collaboration. By supporting NGO’s to gather at our 2022 conference, we hope to provide a platform to strengthen conservation in Belize, as well as a critical networking opportunity. NGOs are invited to present their work and objectives over a short presentation or as part of a panel discussion.

The invitation to the conference, shared with more than 35 invited NGOs

Participating NGOs

More than 35 NGOs have been invited to the conference. Below is a snapshot list:

...and many more

Discover TENT's work in Belize

The European Nature Trust is supporting efforts to conserve Belize’s natural resources, to raise awareness of the nation’s abundant wildlife, and to champion the Belizean people’s unique cultural connection to wild nature.

We aim to elevate conservation in Belize, and are an active funder and supporter of
Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD).
Read more about our work in Belize

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