Creating Europe's Yellowstone

A new national park in the Făgăraș Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains dominate Romania’s central region; here, more than 250,000 hectares of virgin forests remain – the largest unfragmented forest region in Europe. They are a critical stronghold of European biodiversity – but Romania's forests are continually under threat. With the fall of communism, Romania privatised many of its formerly nationalised forests. Logging companies bought many privately owned forests, and the result was tremendous levels of deforestation. Today, illegal logging threatens the
integrity of the Carpathian ecosystem.

We support Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) in their efforts to protect the forests of the southeastern Carpathians from deforestation, conserve a crucial outpost for European biodiversity, and create a new national park for Romania.

We support FCC’s work

Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) was established in 2009 with the goal of stopping illegal logging and of protecting a significant area of Carpathian forest for future generations. The organisation purchases forest and alpine meadows in the Carpathians, securing the highest level of legal protection for acquired areas. The ultimate vision is to return landownings to the public in the form of a new national park – tipped to become the ‘Yellowstone’ of Europe.

FCC has begun the restoration of thousands of hectares of degraded forest habitats in core regions of the southeastern Carpathians. By purchasing lands that have been clear-cut, FCC is restoring native tree species through extensive planting programmes.

FCC has set up its own hunters association, aiming to stop trophy and sport hunting on purchased lands, instead implementing anti-poaching programmes and monitoring initiatives of wildlife populations, including bears, wolves, and lynx. FCC are reintroducing native species that have been lost from the ecosystem, including the European bison. To forge coexistence, FCC are leading nature education efforts, while creating new nature-based economies.

FCC's Achievements

>25,400 hectares of forests and alpine meadows purchased and fully protected in the southeastern Carpathians
>75,000 hectares now routinely patrolled by FCC rangers
>65,000 hectares cleared of sport and trophy hunting

“The support of The European Nature Trust over the last ten years has been invaluable, from financial contributions to key introductions, they have been long-standing supporters”

Christoph Promberger
Executive Director, FCC

TENT and FCC’s Partnership

The European Nature Trust has been working with FCC for over a decade to help purchase forests and alpine meadows in the Carpathians; reforest tracts of clear-cut land; and acquire hunting rights. TENT supports FCC through direct funding initiatives, sourcing sponsorship, and conservation networking. We support the development of educational media to raise awareness of Romanian wilderness.

Play your part in the protection of Romania’s wilderness:

Romania’s carbon-rich, virgin forests are a stronghold of European diversity. It falls on us as a global community to protect them. Through our partnership with Steppes Travel, our conservation journeys to Transylvania enable travellers to experience Romania's wilderness areas, contribute to FCC, and help conserve Romania’s natural wealth.

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