A Future For Belize’s Scarlet Macaws

An emblem of biodiversity

The European Nature Trust is supporting Friends for Conservation and Development Belize’s (FCD) efforts to conserve endangered scarlet macaws in Belize’s Chiquibul forest. This intact ecosystem covers 7.7 per cent of the national territory, and is a stronghold for endangered wildlife populations, such as the scarlet macaw, howler monkey, jaguar and white-lipped peccary. The region is a 400,000 acre stronghold of biodiversity, harbouring over 300 tree species, and providing water to 40 per cent of the Belizean population. Yet, wildlife crime and deforestation is increasing
in the Chiquibul.

TENT supports the conservation work of FCD to protect the integrity of tropical forests,
their ecosystems, and the scarlet macaws within.

We support FCD’s conservation work

The scarlet macaw was once widespread across the whole of Central America, but due to illegal wildlife trafficking to serve the exotic pet trade, numbers in Belize have dropped to some 344 individuals. FCD protects the scarlet macaw’s tropical forest habitat in the Chiquibul Forest. FCD are increasing the presence of park rangers in the Chiquibul, patrolling the area to carry out day-to-day monitoring and research on the tropical forest ecosystem. Transboundary wildlife crime along the border with Guatemala is being challenged with a zero-tolerance policy by FCD’s rangers. Their work provides critical environmental and criminal data to Belize’s regulatory agencies, clamping down on
scarlet macaw poaching.

FCD are researching the conservation needs of the scarlet macaw and other endangered species, such as the jaguar and howler monkey. The organisation strives to build sustainable solutions to forest protection by initiating community-led education and maintaining
cross border cooperation.
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FCD's Achievements

17 scarlet macaw chicks made it into the wild for the 2021 breeding season
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363 patrols conducted across 2,093 hours by FCD's rangers in 2021 alone
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379 scientists, international visitors, and community members hosted at Las Cuevas Research Station

“The European Nature Trust has brought to FCD a new character of support, demonstrated by exposing us to new ideas, new individuals and new philosophies in protecting nature. We highly appreciate the ongoing support”

Rafael Manzanero
Director, Friends for Conservation and Development

TENT and FCD’s partnership

The European Nature Trust is an active funder of Friends for Conservation and Development Belize. Through direct funding initiatives, we aim to elevate their crucial conservation work in the Chiquibul Forest. To streamline operations, we have recently funded the construction of a new headquarters for FCD.

We are committed to bringing Belizean NGO’s and conservation bodies together to initiate and continue partnerships for wildlife protection. In partnership with The Family Coppola Hideaways, TENT is facilitating a conference in January 2022, titled “Belize 2022: Celebrate, Collaborate, Conserve”, which will bring together more than 40 Belizean NGOs.

Play your role in the protection of the scarlet macaw

The conservation of the world’s last remaining wild areas and intact ecosystems is crucial for the future of biodiversity and humanity.

You can engage with efforts to conserve scarlet macaws and their tropical forest habitats by watching and listening to TENT’s co-produced documentary work on Belize; visiting FCD’s project areas in the Chiquibul forest; or by sharing our mission to preserve the integrity of Belize’s natural resources.
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