Protecting a stronghold for biodiversity

Belize is a true ‘Eden’. The nation’s ecosystems are some of the most intact globally; found in broadleaf tropical forests, pine forests, wetlands, mangroves, savannahs, and coral reefs. With a tropical climate, seasonal rains, fertile soils and oceanic wonders, this is a country of immense natural wealth.

However, Belize’s natural resources are at risk of exploitation from industrial farming, logging, and illegal wildlife crime. The survival of Belize’s natural resources is critical for the future of biodiversity, for local communities, and for our climate. The European Nature Trust is supporting efforts to conserve Belize’s natural wealth and raise awareness of this critical outpost for global biodiversity.

Plant species

found in Belize

Bird species

found in Belize; 50 mammals,
150 amphibians and reptiles


~75% of Belize’s landmass is still undeveloped

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The European Nature Trust supports Friends for Conservation and Development Belize (FCD) in their efforts to protect the scarlet macaws of the tropical rainforests in the Chiquibul National Park. By patrolling forests, FCD protect the Chiquibul ecosystem from illegal wildlife crime, with a mission to conserve the few remaining scarlet macaws.


The European Nature Trust, in collaboration with production company Feste Films, is working on a new four-part documentary series on Belize. This philanthropically funded work will uncover the wonder of Belize’s natural world, while exploring the political, economic and environmental challenges facing Central America’s only English-speaking nation
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Support the conservation of Belize’s natural wealth

Our climate depends on tropical forests and the preservation of the biodiversity they sustain.

You can engage with wild Belize by watching and listening to TENT’s co-produced documentary work on Belize; visit FCD’s project areas in the Chiquibul forest; or by sharing our mission to preserve the integrity of Belize’s natural resources.
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“A true conservationist knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children”

 John James Audobon, 
Ornithologist, naturalist & painter

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