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Romania has more than six million hectares of forests, of which a significant portion is still untouched; panoramic mountain areas of stunning beauty, surrounded by natural forests, suffused with untamed rivers. TENT’s work is focused on the Carpathian Mountains, constituting the largest unfragmented forest region in Europe. Forest habitats here contain one third of all European plant species; extraordinary numbers of Indigenous species; and the most significant populations of large carnivores in Europe, including bears, wolves and lynx.

Today, illegal logging and deforestation threaten Romania’s rich forest habitats. The ecosystems they harbour produce the water we drink and the air we breathe; they store the carbon we emit. For the future of European biodiversity – for our own future – we must protect Romania’s wilderness areas.

6 Million

of forest
in Romania

Plant Species

in the Carpathian
Mountains alone

50% Of Europe's Brown Bears

(west of Russia) found in

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TENT supports the work of Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC). Established in 2009, FCC’s goal is to stop illegal logging and protect Carpathian forests. The ultimate aim is to return landholdings to the public in the form of a new National Park, tipped to become a European ‘Yellowstone’. FCC conserves Romanian wildlife by ceasing trophy hunting, instituting wildlife monitoring initiatives, and delivering solutions for human-wildlife coexistence.
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Support conservation by visiting the Carpathians

With Steppes Travel, TENT has created conservation journeys to the Carpathian mountains – an area home to wolves, bears, lynx, and other marvels of European nature. With access to expert guides, travellers can engage with the panoramic landscapes and virgin forests, while contributing to their protection.
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Romania News

TENT continues support of FCC in Romania – Europe's biodiversity capital

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"“The support of The European Nature Trust over the last ten years has been invaluable, from financial contributions to key introductions, they have been long-standing supporters”

Christoph Promberger
Executive Director, Foundation Conservation Carpathia

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