supporting nature restoration in portugal

The European Nature Trust is supporting local partners in their efforts to invigorate Portugal's natural wealth. The country still teems with pristine environments: wild river gorges, oak forests, rocky heathlands, native grasslands and Dehesa create a rich mosaic of landscapes.

But over the centuries, profound changes have occurred across Portuguese ecosystems. Depopulation has reduced the level of grazing on the land, allowing monotonous, fire-prone scrubland to emerge across the Iberian Peninsula. Wild herbivore numbers have reduced due to overhunting and habitat loss; infrastructural expansion has isolated subpopulations of carnivores; and natural forests are being replaced by fire-prone monocultures. The restoration of natural processes, where humans and wildlife coexist, is the key to resolving these environmental issues.
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in natural tree cover across
Portugal since 2000
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of land burned in
rural Portugal in 2017 
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wolf packs

remaining south of
Portugal's Douro river

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TENT supports Rewilding Portugal in their efforts to restore natural processes and create new nature-based economies in the Côa Valley. Through rewilding, their vision is to create a 120,000 hectare wildlife corridor for the Iberian Peninsula, where people coexist with wildlife, and where natural processes shape the landscape.

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"But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself"

 Rachel Carson
Writer and environmentalist

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