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Dehesa: Forest of the Iberian Lynx

Sometimes called the Spanish Serengeti, the Dehesa is the Iberian Peninsula’s best kept secret. It is the home of the Iberian lynx, which prowls among the holm oaks, cork trees and gall oaks. This complex ecosystem is one of the few remaining European landscapes still regulated by its native flora and fauna. 

Brought to us by renowned BBC and National Geographic wildlife documentary director Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha, the film aimed to stir engagement with Iberian biodiversity. The European Nature Trust was proud to sponsor the film’s production, hosting the UK premiere in September 2021.


Head over to sky TV to watch the full film

Dehesa: Forest of the Iberian Lynx is available to watch on Sky TV. Just login to your account, and venture off to the Dehesa.
Watch full film on sky tv

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