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TENT commits funding to Salviamo l’Orso to help conserve the Marsican brown bear

There are ~60 remaining Marsican brown bears In the heart of the Apennine mountain range. Categorised by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as “Critically Endangered”, the species is in crucial need of conservation support.

TENT's commitment and support of Salviamo l'Orso helps protect and expand the range of the Marsican brown bear of central Italy

Created in 2012, Salviamo l’Orso strives to grow Marsican brown bear numbers within the Abruzzo National Park. The European Nature Trust has been a long-standing supporter of their conservation projects. Salviamo l’Orso are working to promote the ecological and social conditions to expand the area in which the bears can roam securely and without threat, ensuring peaceful coexistence with members of the surrounding villages and towns.

TENT’s funding will support a number of Salviamo l’Orso’s conservation projects

  • The growth of the Marsican brown bear population relies on its reclamation of historic habitat, and the expansion from the core areas of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park. To improve habitat outside of core regions and increase the bears’ range, Salviamo l’Orso have an extensive fruit-tree planting programme – a central part of the bears’ diet. In 2022, Salviamo l'Orso will work to reclaim abandoned fruit orchards to improve food availability and minimise bear presence in towns and villages. 
  • Bear-related damages to human property are a barrier to peaceful coexistence. Salviamo l’Orso are working to prevent conflicts between bears and humans, while educating local communities on both traditional and modern methods of living with wildlife. TENT’s support will be utilised to expand the area covered by Salviamo l’Orso’s conflict prevention projects. 
  • The small population of Marsican brown bears has a limited ability to respond to new environmental stresses. In the year ahead, Salviamo l’Orso are expanding vaccination programmes to reduce the chances of local dogs transmitting infectious diseases to bears.
  • Communication with local schools and communities is necessary to raise awareness of the need to coexist peacefully with bears, and the benefits the species can bring through nature tourism.

A new year for conservation

In the year ahead, TENT looks forward to further supporting Salviamo l’Orso’s conservation work. We invite businesses and donors – united in a shared vision of a wilder Europe – to join us in our support of Salviamo l’Orso. Discover more about the organisation's work below.
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