Follow adventurer, conservationist and ecologist Chris Morgan on an epic journey to find the world's most elusive and endangered bears. Discover the threats facing them in the wild, meet the dedicated people racing to save them from extinction, and join the campaign to protect bears and their habitat.

Chris Morgan (BBC, PBS, National Geographic) discovered a passion for bears in 1987. What started as an adventure became a mission to bring the world’s attention to these majestic creatures and the inspiring conservation heroes he encounters.

In BEARTREK, we witness unforgettable scenes from Peru, Canada, Alaska, and Malaysia and beyond; with a mission statement to protect these crucial, charismatic species.

The European Nature Trust proudly hosted a screening of BEARTREK at the prestigious British Film Institute (BFI) in 2018. Proceeds from the event were donated to the UPROAR Fund to develop further conservation media in Europe – an essential component of the campaign to save our planet.

You can find out more about TENT's screening events here.

Watch the full film on amazon prime

The path to protecting our planet begins with a well told story. BEARTREK is available to stream now on Amazon Prime.
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